Furniture Care

Classic Revivals congratulates you on the decision to purchase a quality piece of furniture. If purchased from us, this piece has been specially manufactured for you in a factory that was established in 1953 by the Italian Rech brothers. The character of the furniture is absolutely true to the original craft, being hand made and polished in the traditional way ensuring that the appearance and designs are reminiscent of their classical origins. These origins may be modern or of a period long gone.

Our in-house factory gives unfailing attention to quality and detail and our panel of experts are geared to offer advice to you on how to care for your precious furniture. This advice, if followed, will extent their life and ensure that you can enjoy them for years to come.

  • Direct sunlight and very bright light shining directly onto your furniture should be avoided as this may result in bleaching.
  • Pot plants should have a waterproof bowl with an insulating cloth underneath, as moisture may collect underneath the pot because of temperature changes causing condensation. Use felt. Direct contact with water must be avoided for long periods.
  • Do not treat furniture manufactured by our factory with furniture oil. The furniture is sealed with a special hardening coat to help prevent scratching. Use a soft cloth and a non-wax spray. Mister Min is ideal, as this will improve the finish on the furniture with time.
  • All hot objects must be insulated from furniture surfaces. Place mats, insulating tablecloths or underlay is essential to prevent damage.
  • Avoid sliding objects across the tables as this may cause scratching.
  • To clean stubborn marks off the surface of furniture use Mister Min or spirits diluted in water and a damp cloth to remove the mark. Dry it afterwards with a soft cloth. Do not use any solvents such as thinners or turpentine, as they will definitely change the surface.
  • If your furniture is exposed to extreme humidity such as in coastal regions, near a river or in extreme high rainfall areas, the drawers and doors may swell as a result of the natural moisture absorption characteristic of wood. As our drawers and doors were made to fit snug and perfectly in the factory, they might get “sticky” and the doors may not close properly as a result of moisture absorption. The only way to remedy the problem is to plain down the items so that they fit again. Please contact us if this becomes necessary.

Remember to let history happen. Regard the odd bumps and scratches that happen with time, as character and revel in the imperfection. Wear and tear together with natural ageing has a special quality. If all is shiny and new, it ends up being contrived and artificial.

Please contact us if there are further questions that we have not answered. Classic Revivals strives to deliver the highest level of service and satisfaction. We endeavor to enhance your quality of life and assist you in achieving harmony in your living space.